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Integrated Management System

Are you looking to implement a new or upgrade an existing Business Management System? Arete Document Solutions Limited has extensive experience in drafting an Integrated Management System to meet the requirements of the given standards for ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, BS OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management and more. Furthermore, all the aforementioned can be integrated under PAS 99 Integrated Management Systems to reduce duplication and bureaucracy.

Utilising the power and flexibility of MS Office, we can create an Integrated Management System that is relatively easy to maintain, update and be consistent throughout in terms of formatting and look. All Business Management Systems are managed through a corporate branded ‘front end’ without the use of expensive off the shelf systems and licensing. Policies and Statements are easily accessed through the front end so that employees are kept abreast of Company standards. Processes and procedures are drafted using MS Visio and where applicable linked to the supporting documentation such as checklists and forms so that employees can readily access the documentation required to record activities and undertake their work etc. All the tools necessary to monitor, manage and continually improve your Integrated Business Management system are provided from within the front end.

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As all documentation is based on the same template and style structure, the learning curve is greatly reduced as once you are familiar with one document, you are familiar with all. Staff Handbooks are provided electronically, which précis all the systems and give each Employee sufficient knowledge of the Company’s policies, processes and procedures. Where necessary, Guidance Notes detail further information with links to supporting references and statutory and mandatory documents.

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